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Mentorship Programme

One of the reasons why Civil Services Examination is called the mother of all competitive examination is because it requires relatively long hours of preparation, that too with intense focus and determination. Each of us have our share of ups and downs; there are days of intense 15 hours of study, and also days of no study. There are moments when we are so overwhelmed by the mere size of the syllabus, and that nagging self-doubt of whether we are following the right strategy, or whether we are referring the right study materials, that we put our studies on hold. All these, together with the burden of high expectation of our family and friends, and the mocking remarks of naysayers, may lead us to abandon our dream of becoming that coveted officer. Most of these hurdles to realizing our goals can be addressed if there is someone to discuss our strategies and progress, someone to caution us when we stray away and put us on track. It is to meet these requirements that iLearn offer mentor ship programme. Through this programme you can discuss your study plan and well as other challenges that you face during the preparation stage with one of our faculty members, who will provide you guidance and help to monitor your progress.